Case History: Adler Realty – Cooling Tower Repair


  • Client:  Adler Realty  –  Long Beach, CA


  • Case Type:  Cooling Tower Repair


  • Case Background:  Adler Realty had been dealing with an antiquated and deteriorating air conditioning system, which was causing serious leakage in the upper floor of a ten story office building. Mission Aire had been contracted to completely repair the AC system and in turn subcontracted Enetech to remediate and repair the complete cooling tower.


External & Internal Cooling Tower Repair

Enetech completely cleaned, repaired or replaced all corroded material both internally and externally on the cooling tower, using a combination of Enecon/Eneseal HR and CR systems. The end result was that all leakage had been abated and the useful life of the cooling tower had been extended for many more years.

BEFORE (External Cooling Tower Repair):

2011-09-24 08.37.42

AFTER (External Cooling Tower Repair):

BEFORE (Internal Cooling Tower Repair):

BEFORE (Internal Cooling Tower Repair)

AFTER (Internal Cooling Tower Repair):

AFTER (Internal Cooling Tower Repair)