Case History: City of Brea – Waterproofing


  • Client:  City of Brea  –  Brea, CA


  • Case Type:  Waterproofing


  • Case Background:  The Civic Center was experiencing serious water damage in several offices and the theater. Several earlier attempts were made to correct the underlying problem, without success. Enetech was contacted to provide a comprehensive evaluation and proposed solutions.


Runoff Leakage Repair

A damaged, underground, concrete structure was providing a pathway for landscape water runoff to penetrate below ground offices. The entire structure was exposed, cracks were repaired, and a polymer concrete cap was applied, thereby preventing further leakage.

BEFORE (Runoff Leakage Repair):

2012-01-13 07.56.03

AFTER (Runoff Leakage Repair):


Structural Leakage Repair

A multi-level parking structure provided for an ever-increasing accumulation of storm water runoff which ultimately caused structural concrete corrosion and water intrusion into Civic Center facilities. The water course was traced and re-channeled to the structure drainage system, and concrete surfaces were coated with a polymer system resulting in complete correction of the problem.

BEFORE (Structural Leakage Repair):

2012-01-10 09.01.00

AFTER (Structural Leakage Repair):

2012-01-19 07.59.05